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Scienze Regionali
Italian Journal of Regional Science
Vol.16 – n. 1, 2017, 9-30
section: Saggi critici/Critical Surveys
Dynamic Spatial Econometrics Models - A Critical Review
Bernard Fingleton*
* Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, 16-21 Silver St, Cambridge CB3 9EP, UK. E-mail:

 This paper takes a constructively critical view of spatial econometrics, focussing on the advantages of a dynamic spatial panel modelling approach. The paper acknowledges that various criticisms have been made of spatial econometrics, and shows how the model approach adopted provides a response to some of these. As an example the efficacy of dynamic spatial panel modelling, simulations highlight fundamental contrasts between prospective employment levels in different regions of the European Union.

Keywords: spatial econometrics, spatial panel modelling, regional economics.
JEL Classification: C01, C21, R10.
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