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Scienze Regionali / Italian Journal of Regional Science

The Italian Journal of Regional Science was established in 2001 as a forum for debate on territorial issues. It is the official journal of AISRe-Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali, the Italian Section of the Regional Science Association International, founded in 1980.
Disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, geography, anthropology, and ecology have long concerned themselves with territory, analyzing it from various standpoints. Other disciplines, including economics and sociology, have instead recently recognized the need to construe relational systems according to spatial criteria and to identify the “territory” and the characteristics of social and economic processes related to space.
The journal’s official languages are Italian and English. It publishes original theoretical, methodological, and empirical papers dealing with the above-mentioned topics and more generally drawing on the social sciences as they relate to the study of territory. By hosting contributions from leading international researchers, it aims to become a cutting-edge scholarly journal in its field.
The journal is indexed in JEL on CD, e-JEL, Repec and EconLit and all papers are subject to a blind peer review.


The Journal covers regional and urban development, territorial externalities, knowledge spillovers, location theory, economic and social networks, ecological and environmental analysis, spatial economics and statistics, territorial information systems, infrastructures, transportation, territorial and economic planning, regional convergence and disparities, regional and cohesion policies, assessment and evaluation of territorial policies.


The Journal is aimed at:
-Academic researchers in the field of regional science;
-Scholars at public and private research institutions engaged in territorial-related analyses;
-Civil servants, public officers and administrators in national, regional and local public institutions.

Outline of the Journal

SR - Italian Journal of Regional Science is organized into a number of sections:

•Critical Surveys: publishes literature reviews by distinguished International scholars;
•Articles: publishes 3-6 original articles accepted after a blind peer-review process;
•Notes and debates: features comments on key topics, both theoretical and policy oriented, with the purpose of soliciting inter-disciplinary debate;
•Territorial Policy Perspectives: features comments on relevant themes for territorial policies at Italian, European and international level;
•Book Review: published here are signed reviews of the recent and most interesting books in regional science.

What is said about us….

Antoine Bailly – Professor of Regional Economics, University of Geneve and Past-President of the Regional Science Association International.
“Understanding processes that take place in regions is a prerequisite for guiding regional development; it is exactly what the Italian Journal of Regional Science does”
Fabrizio Barca – Capo Dipartimento per le Politiche di Sviluppo e di Coesione. Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze.
Regional policies are too often based on inadequate concepts or weak practices. SR is a point of reference for bringing these up to date
Andreas Faludi – Professor of Spatial Policy Systems in Europe, Delft University of Technology.
“Scienze Regionali is an intellectual bridge connecting to their mutual benefit the rich Italian and the international academic world”
Peter Nijkamp – Professor of Regional, Urban and Environmental Economics, Free University, Amsterdam.
“This journal offers fascinating views on regional science, as it positions local and regional issues in both an intellectually challenging and policy relevant context”.
Giacomo Vaciago – Professore di Politica Economica, Università Cattolica di Milano.
SR keeps you updated about recent regional and economic research, highlighting major Italian contributions”.


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